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Roll Pallet Truck

This would be suited for transporting large rolls of material, eg paper, insulation. The v-shaped design means that the product will not roll.  They have a loading capacity of up to 2,000kg.

pallet truck

Hand Pallet Truck

Our very own Ace Pallet truck manufactured here in the rep of Ireland with a robust frame and fully serviceable pump unit this truck is rated at 2 ton caoacity and is one of our best sellers

pallet truck

Galvanised Pallet Truck

Our galvanised pallet trucks are suited to more abrasive environments, like cold rooms, refrigerators, damp weather etc. They are coated in protective zinc to ensure they do not rust of corrode. They are a low cost alternative to a stainless steel pallet truck.These generally support weights of up to 2,000kg.

pallet truck

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Pallets come in all shapes and sizes. Often the standard size pallet truck will not do. Our extended toes pallet trucks are suitable for larger loads. These typically support weights up to 2,000 kg.

pallet truck

Low / Superlow Profile Pallet Truck

As the name suggests, these are suited for lower pallets, or for areas where a standard pallet will not fit. A low pallet truck generally support weights of up to 2,000kg. A superlow pallet truck can support up to 1,000 kg.

pallet truck

High Lift Pallet Truck

High Lift Pallet Trucks are used where there is repetitive lifting. They reduce back strain and help to prevent injury. They are stable and secure and can generally support weights up to 1,000 kg.

pallet truck

Electric High Lift Pallet Truck

This is similar to our high lift pallet truck, however it reduces down on the manual labour needed to actually lift. Again, these reduce strain and help to prevent back injuries.These can also support weights up to 1,000kg.

pallet truck

Printer Pallet Truck

This would be suited for smaller loads, where the containers are of a certain size (example being printer paper boxes) The forks are closer together to accommodate this. They can support weights of up to 2,000kg.

We provide a range of new and used manual and electric pallet trucks

A hand pallet truck is simply a manually operated device, which is used to move pallets from a to b. It allows for easy and more importantly safe heavy handling. It can dramatically reduce down on the time spent lifting heavy loads. They help to load, unload, move, stack and palletise goods.

Each category has a variety of models, with varying size and weight. If you are unsure which type would suit you best, please call us today and we will be happy to advise. We sell both brand new and second hand models. We also repair and service your existing handling equipment.

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